Spring Prayer Notes 2018: Praying for Godly Leaders

April 10, 2018

When the Lord gives me a prayer assignment, the first thing I always do is to look to Him to show me how to pray about it. I don’t start just praying any way I want. I’ve learned that to be effective, I must find the leading of the Holy Spirit. I must let Him reveal to me in the Word what I need to know about the situation or the person I’m praying for. I must seek God about what exactly He wants me to pray.

That’s what I’ve been doing recently when it comes to praying for our President.

Like you, I know I’ve been assigned to pray for him because 1 Timothy 2:1-2 instructs us all to pray “for kings, and for all that are in authority …” I also know that assignment is a top priority becasue those verses tell us to pray for such leaders “first of all.”

The reason we pray first for our government leaders, of course, is because what they do affects so many people. Due to their high positions of authority, the decisions they make and the actions they take impact the destinies of entire nations.

To read more of Lynne’s Prayer Notes article, download it here.


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