Welcome to the Flight Club!

Thank you for your generosity!


Your gift will be bundled with gifts from other Flight Club members to plant a church with a pastor in a developing community that desperately needs the Gospel.


As a Flight Club member, you will receive a Winner’s Minute devotional; two Mac Hammond Ministries mugs, as well as a bag of “Jet Fuel” coffee to remind you of your part in this end-time church-planting effort.


Check your inbox for some email updates from our team and your mailbox for your partnership gifts.

Together, we can take the Word to the World!

We could not do this without you.

We believe that every person who invests in this project of planting churches will be blessed in return. Thank you so much for joining me in fulfilling God's high calling for the body of Christ. Together, let’s reach this world with God’s good news!


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