by Lynne Hammond

A few weeks ago, one particular word began to get hold of me in my prayer closet. It came to me while I was praying about the Church and the position she’ll be in when Jesus comes back. As I saw in my spirit how we as believers will become living epistles so full of Jesus that even if people don’t have a Bible they’ll be able to read us and see Him, I noticed I kept hearing this one word.

It was the word develop.

I knew it was a word from the Lord about this day we’re living in. So even though I was familiar with it, I looked it up in the dictionary. It said that develop means to unfold gradually in detail, and gave the example of placing exposed photographic material in chemicals to produce a visible image.

What an old-fashioned example! I thought. Developing photographs?

Millennials today don’t even know what that is. They’re used to visible images appearing instantly. They think snap+upload=picture, right now.

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